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In addition to residential and commercial solar electric systems, many of our customers have or plan to install ductless heat pumps.

Though Maine Solar Solutions no longer installs heat pumps, we have proudly partnered with local heat pump installers to assist you with your projects.

During your free solar assessment, we are happy to explain how heat pumps coupled with solar reduce your payback time, reduce your utility bills, increase your return on investment, and recommend heat pump installers.

What Is A Ductless Heat Pump?

A ductless heat pump, or a mini-split heat pump, draws heat from the outside environment (even at cold temperatures) and moves it indoors to warm a particular area in a home or building.

A heat pump can also cool a space by removing heat, so you can use a heat pump year-round to enhance home comfort. Because a heat pump moves rather than generates heat, it is remarkably energy efficient.

Why Install A Heat Pump With Solar?

Many of our customers consider installing a high-efficiency ductless heat pump and solar electric system because of the associated energy-saving benefits.

Installing a heat pump will decrease your reliance on fossil fuel-based energy and reduce the overall cost of heating and cooling your home or building, leveraging your solar investment and decreasing payback time. Overall, a heat pump is an excellent complement to a solar electric system.

Efficiency Maine

Our partners at Efficiency Maine have compiled this informative article about Heat Pumps that we highly recommend you read. Efficiency Maine also offers special rebates for heat pumps, making them a practical option for many of our customers.

Curious How Solar And Heat Pumps Can Help You Get More From Your Solar Investment?

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