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At a time when utility rates are skyrocketing, and electric vehicles and energy storage are on the rise, our webinars will educate attendees on why now is the perfect time to look into alternative and sustainable energy sources. Learn how solar works and how the solar industry can help your home become energy independent! 

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Everything you need to know about Solar + Home Energy Storage

Battery backup provides the insurance of a secure and reliable source of power. Not to mention, the market for home energy storage options has taken off in recent years, and costs are falling quickly. Storing your own energy via battery backup means you will have the power you need—even when the grid goes down. Whether you are looking for a new solar system, have an existing grid-tied solar system, or looking to move completely off-grid, this webinar is for you!

SOLAR 101:
Everything You Need to Know About Going Solar

Join the owner of Maine Solar Solutions, Sam Zuckerman, as he reviews how residential solar can help you take back control of your energy. In this prerecorded webinar, he will cover how solar works, how systems are designed, and how much it costs.

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