Your Guide To Going Solar In Maine.

We help you lower your utility costs by designing and installing cost-efficient solar electric and battery backup systems for your home or business.

Enjoy The Money-Saving Benefits Of Solar Panels in Maine

Our goal is to empower you with the information you need to make an informed decision about solar electric solutions for your home or business.

Maine Solar Solutions specializes in the design and installation of solar electric (PV) and battery backup systems.
From design to permitting to installation, our qualified team handles all the details to make your solar installation easy and worry-free.

Residential Solar

Find the right system for your individual needs, including the size of your home, energy consumption, goals, and budget.

Tesla Powerwall

Keep your essentials powered up when the grid goes down. We are a Tesla Certified Installer and also offer other options to ensure we find the right backup solution for you.

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Lock in low energy costs and reduce operating expenses with design and installation services for your commercial needs.

Family who just got solar

A Straightforward Process

Is solar right for you? How much could you save with solar? We’re here to help you get answers to all your questions. Your free consultation will include an onsite assessment and a customized system design with solar panel options and a range of pricing to fit your needs and budget.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit for residential and commercial solar panel installations and battery backup helps make solar an even better investment right now. At 30%, the tax credit may help you save thousands on your solar electric system.

Solar Tax Credit
Solar Financing

Financing Options

There are a variety of choices that help Mainers get the money-saving benefits of solar. In addition to cash purchases, we present a range of financing options with fixed monthly payments that are comparable to your monthly electric bills.

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