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Many of our customers arrange for financing themselves, taking advantage of a home equity line of credit or mortgage refinance to fund their system install. Maine Solar Solutions offers low interest financing through our Power Now loan program. We are also a qualified Efficiency Maine Residential Registered Vendor allowing our customers to finance their solar system through Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Loan program.

Loans & Rebates in Maine

Maine Homeowners can take advantage of a number of financing options. Maine Solar Solutions offers financing through our Power Now! Solar Loans. As a qualified Efficiency Maine Residential Registered Vendor, we perform solar electric system and heat pump installations that qualify for financing from Efficiency Maine.

Maine Solar Solutions Power Now Solar Loans

Maine Solar Solutions offers a suite of low interest loan products designed to give homeowners flexibility in how they can finance their solar projects by providing monthly loan payments that are comparable to their monthly electric utility bills.

Efficiency Maine Home Energy Loans for Solar

For homeowners interested in installing a solar electric system on their home, Efficiency Maine offers Home Energy Loans for qualifying projects. This includes PowerSaver loans. There are multiple loan options to suit different budgets and projects.

Rebates for Heat Pumps

Efficiency Maine offers rebates of up to $750 on qualifying heat pump installations. A $500 rebate is available toward installation of qualified ductless heat pumps that provide a single or first zone of heating in your home. An additional $250 rebate is available for ductless heat pumps that provide a second zone of heating in your home. Program details are subject to change.

Rebates for Solar Electric Systems

Maine does not currently offer rebates for solar electric systems.

Interested in learning more about our process and what it takes to go solar in Maine? Contact us or call (207) 464-8084 today.

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