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If you experience power outages or seek energy independence, a Tesla Powerwall can be an excellent solution for achieving your energy goals.

We Are A Premier Certifed Powerwall Installer

Discover the power of our Premier Certified Powerwall installations! Our Maine-based team, recognized by Tesla for exceptional service and quality, ensures you find the perfect energy solution. As a Tesla Premier Certified Installer, we offer expertise and top-tier installations backed by unrivaled product knowledge and customer care.

Your Top Solar + Tesla Powerwall Questions Answered.

Solar + Tesla Powerwall

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Why Would I Want Grid-Tied Solar + Tesla Powerwall?

Grid-tied solar electric systems do not require batteries to work. Thanks to the net metering policy, you can get the full value of your system’s electricity without relying on batteries. However, it is important to understand that a grid-tied solar electric system will not provide backup power during a power outage. If you would like to leverage your investment in a solar electric system to have a rechargeable backup source of power during a power outage, you need to add a battery backup system like the Tesla Powerwall.

What Is The Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is a 13.5 kWh rechargeable lithium-ion battery primarily for home storage and commonly paired with solar panels. Like any other battery storage option, it captures and holds energy to provide backup power in the event of a power outage. This can help you achieve a more independent energy lifestyle and peace of mind.

What Are The Benefits Of The Tesla Powerwall?

The Telsa Powerwall’s capacity to support larger loads makes it different from other battery storage options currently on the market. That means you have the freedom to power up more of what you need. It is designed for self-consumption, Time-of-Use control, and short-term backup power. The Telsa Powerwall has a user-friendly customer interface and an excellent dollar-per-kWh value. 

Solar Day and Night

Most homes use a fraction of the solar energy they produce. Instead of sending it back to the grid, Powerwall stores it for later use.

Backup your home

A Powerwall is a backup system that keeps your lights, Wi-Fi, and refrigerator running during a power outage.

Energy Independence

You will not even notice when the backup mode is on, as Powerwall will seamlessly switch to this mode for you.

How Does A Tesla Powerwall Battery Work?

The Tesla Powerwall connects to the electrical system in your home and has a stored energy bank that can power your loads. On its own, a Powerwall will automatically keep your home powered when the power goes out. When combined with a solar array, the Powerwall can be recharged during an extended power outage. 

It can also be used to “Self-Consumption” more energy, storing power from your solar array during the day and then using battery power at night without drawing any energy from the utility.  

Can I Install A Tesla Powerwall If I Already Have Solar?

Tesla Solar Panel Install
Tesla Solar Panel Installation by Maine Solar Solutions.

Yes, in most circumstances, you can. A Powerwall can retrofit most existing home solar systems. In this case, a homeowner usually has a few brands that make up their solar electric system. Your current inverter and layout will determine the size and design of a battery for existing equipment. Contact us, and we will be able to tell you if your current solar configuration supports adding a Powerwall. 

Can I Install A Powerwall If I Don’t Have Solar?

Though a Tesla Powerwall installed without solar can charge from the grid, and we do install stand-alone systems, there is not as much benefit to having battery storage if it’s not connected to a solar electric system in Maine. Unlike areas with high variation in on-peak and off-peak rates (think California), it isn’t as financially rewarding here. 

Without solar panels, the Powerwall cannot recharge during an extended outage.  So, a Powerwall may help with short, temporary power outages, but once the battery is depleted, you must wait until utility power is restored. A Powerwall cannot be configured to charge from a generator source.

The best solution is to include a battery backup with a solar electric system. This does add a cost to the system’s price, but batteries are eligible for the 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.

Who Can Install Tesla Powerwalls? 

To purchase and install Tesla Powerwalls, a company must be a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer and adhere to strict quality, permitting, and inspection requirements. Maine Solar Solutions was one of the first Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers in Maine. We are thrilled to be the state’s first Tesla Solar Panel installer, providing another panel option for our customers.

Customers with new Tesla Powerwalls

What Is The Efficiency Maine Small Battery Manage Demand Response Program?

Maine homeowners with a Tesla Powerwall have the opportunity to participate in a rewarding program that allows them to earn significant annual rewards by discharging power from their battery during peak demand periods. By joining the Small Battery Demand Management Program, participants can earn $100 per kW discharged during demand response events, which is paid annually in December. This can amount to over $300 annually for each Powerwall enrolled.

Participants not only benefit financially but also contribute to a cleaner, more resilient power grid while maintaining the self-powered and emergency backup capabilities of their Tesla Powerwall. To be eligible, you must reside in Maine, own a Tesla Powerwall, and have a Tesla Power installed. Enrollment is open through May 31, 2024, to ensure full participation in this summer’s demand response events.

Once your Powerwall is installed, you can easily enroll via the Tesla App. During the hottest days, your Powerwall will automatically discharge to help reduce grid stress and secure your rewards. Join us in supporting sustainable energy management and get rewarded for your contribution!

Are There Tesla Powerwall Alternatives?

Our team continuously evaluates the best technology to offer the most reliable and cost-effective energy storage solutions. We tailor each solar battery solution for your home or business’s energy storage needs and offer a variety of batteries, including traditional lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion. The most popular option among our grid-tied solar customers is the lithium-ion-based system Tesla Powerwall, but we also install Generac and Sol-Ark systems. Maine Solar Solutions is also the preferred installer for the Ford Lightning Vehicle-to-Home systems in Maine. Our solar consultants will discuss your options during your consultation.

Installing With Maine Solar Solutions 

Maine Solar Solutions’ solar consultants and electricians can help you find the right Tesla Powerwall or other battery backup solution for your home. Remember, though, that we do not install batteries for third-party solar installations; we only install batteries on our own solar electric systems or standalone batteries. We take care of everything from designing the system specifications to permitting, installation, financing options, and customer support.

Helpful Information For Your Solar + Battery Backup Journey

We understand that going solar is a big decision for any homeowner. Our goal is to empower you with the information you need to make an informed decision about solar electric solutions for your home – with no pressure. Please do not hesitate to contact our team directly to set up a free site assessment or if more questions arise.

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