August 16, 2018

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Our goal at Maine Solar Solutions is to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision. We take a consultative approach when working with our customers; communicating clearly and educating you about how solar works and what your options are.

Step 1: Introductory Phone Call

We’ll gather information about your home, your annual electricity usage, your renewable energy goals and we will schedule a free solar site assessment.

Step 2: A Free Solar Site Assessment

For a roof top solar array, we will measure your roof, determine its pitch & orientation, and assess the impact of shade. We assess your home’s electrical service and discuss panel layout and the location of wire runs. If a ground mount is desired or determined to be the best option, we will suggest array locations and educate you about fixed vs tracking solar arrays.

Step 3: Presentation of a Preliminary Solar Proposal

During the free solar site assessment we will present you with a preliminary solar proposal that includes:

  • An explanation of how solar policy works in Maine

  • An overview of major system components and details of the installation process

  • A presentation of the different solar panels available to choose from

  • An opportunity to answer any of your questions about solar, tax credits and solar policy

  • A review of optional solutions such as battery storage and heat-pumps

Step 4: Presentation of a Revised Solar proposal

Based on the information gathered during the site evaluation, as well as your feedback on the preliminary proposal, we will prepare a fixed cost, revised proposal.

  • The revised proposal will show you different system options both in system size and panel type.

  • Fixed cost pricing that includes everything required to install and register your solar system

  • Presentation of financing options

Step 5: The Solar Installation

After selecting the solar electric system that meets your budget and your renewable energy goals, Maine Solar Solutions will handle all aspects of your system installation for one fixed price, including:

  • A clear and detailed installation contract

  • Utility and permitting applications (including all fees)

  • Professional installation services

  • All system components and electrical equipment to ensure a safe, code compliant system

  • System commissioning

  • Set-up and registration of system monitoring software

Maine Solar Solutions is your partner in going solar. Take the first step to see if a solar electric system make sense for your home!

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