If you’re considering installing solar panels on your property here in Maine, you’re probably aware of the benefits that going solar can offer. In addition to letting you save money on your electric bills immediately, going solar can reduce your carbon footprint, give you access to valuable tax incentives, and more.

A solar PV system is an excellent investment for your home or commercial property, but without the right equipment, you’re not going to get the return on investment you expect.

Your Solar Investment Deserves Top Quality Equipment

While a solar PV system is an investment, many of the systems we install pay for themselves within eight to ten years. This is because solar PV systems qualify for a 30% federal tax credit and with ever increasing electricity prices from CMP,  offset electricity costs significantly.

Of course, if you want to see this kind of return on your solar investment, you need to make sure your solar contractor is installing top quality solar equipment. At Maine Solar Solutions, we work with a number of manufacturers — including SilFab,, LG, SolarWorld, REC, and Panasonic — to bring you the best quality solar panels.

Choosing the Right Solar Panels for Your System

With every residential or commercial solar project, we start by assessing your property and consulting you about the best options for your system. Because we believe in providing homeowners with the information they need to make the decision that makes sense for them, we present all of our customers with a minimum of three solar panel options.

From there, we’ll help you choose the right solar panels for your system depending on what is most important to you. We may recommend one brand if you value American-made solar panels, for example, and we may recommend another brand if you value aesthetics or a longer warranty.

Get More from Your Solar Investment with Maine Solar Solutions

Want to get the most from your solar investment in Midcoast or Southern Maine? Whether you are considering a ground-mounted system for your home, want to go off-grid, or simply have questions about SunPower panels, Maine Solar Solutions is here to design the best solution for you. We help homeowners and commercial property owners in Durham, Freeport, midcoast Maine and beyond get more from their solar investment with expert installation of high quality solar panels.

Interested in learning more about our process and what it takes to go solar in Maine? Contact us or call (207) 464-8084 today.

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