Reduce your electricity bill and power your home with clean, affordable solar electricity.

Maine Solar Solutions’ mission is to guide our clients through the process of determining if a renewable energy system makes sense for them. We offer a consultative approach to working with our clients, with a focus on communicating clearly and providing the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Solar Electric

Lower your utility costs and gain energy independence by switching to solar power.

Maine Solar Solutions designs, installs and services solar systems throughout southern Maine. We help homeowners lower their utility costs and gain energy independence by switching to solar power.

There are many good reasons to consider a solar electric system from Maine Solar Solutions. Contact us to find out why it makes sense.

Why Residential Solar Electric?

Many homeowners are choosing to power their homes with solar panels, and for good reason. Going solar means reducing or eliminating your electric bill. Solar systems let you become energy independent by producing your own source of electricity. Solar power is environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint. Installing solar panels adds value to your property, without increasing your property taxes. A 30% federal tax credit apply to solar electric installs, making solar energy an excellent investment yielding a quick payback and competitive return on your investment.

How do I get started?  What is the process of working with Maine Solar Solutions?

Contact us for an initial over the phone introduction and to schedule a free on-site evaluation.

An in-home consultation and site evaluation:

During our in-home consultation, we review your current electricity usage and give you a detailed overview of the types of systems available. This is an opportunity to learn about the benefits of solar power, how it works and to see if makes sense for your family.
We measure your home’s roof, orientation and determine the impact of shading. We assess your home’s electrical systems and collect all of the information that we will need to prepare a proposal specific to your needs.

Preparation and presentation of your system proposal:

Based in the information that we collect during the site evaluation, we prepare a thorough and easy to understand proposal. We often present a choice of systems allowing you to choose a system that meets your renewable energy goals and your budget.

Solar ElectricChoose a payment option:

  • Direct Purchase
  • Financing – Maine Solar Solutions is an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner offering PACE and PowerSaver Loans

System installation

We can manage all aspects of system installation from permitting, paperwork and registering your system with the electric utility.  Our qualified and experienced installation team will get the job done quickly and professionally, ensuring a safe and code compliant installation.

System commissioning and review

We activate your system and set up your monitoring software.   We warranty our installation for five years and will be there to assist you with any questions you may have.



Energy Independence

  • By choosing to install a renewable energy system on your home you are taking real and tangible action to reduce reliance on utility power and ever increasing energy costs.
  • A pv system is a clean, renewable and dependable energy source.  A properly designed system can produce and offset up to 100% of your electricity usage.
  • One of the best ways to ensure sustainable financial future is fending off uncontrollable energy inflation and the only way to do that is to produce your own energy with the power of the Sun
  • Benefits of generating your own electricity by installing a home photovoltaic system
  • Solar installations reduce your monthly electric bill, provide you with clean power, protect you from the rising costs of energy over time, and present a strong, reliable investment.

Financial Benefits:

  • Start saving money on your electric bill immediately
  • Solar is affordable
  • Protect against rising energy cost
  • Energy independence
  • Provides an attractive return on investment
  • Qualifies for 30% Federal Tax credit
  • Increase your home’s value

Environmental Benefits:

  • It is clean power and produces no pollution
  • Conserve our natural resources
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Produces no greenhouse gas
  • Harness an unlimited resource

PV SystemReducing the cost of your electric bill

By investing in a solar electric system you are essentially purchasing a percentage of your annual electricity usage by putting a reliable electric power plant on your roof.

With a solar electric system you are purchasing in excess of 25 years of electricity production at a low fixed price.  Factoring in renewable energy incentives and a conservative increase in electricity rates over time, many of our customers are seeing a system payback period of 7 to 10 years and an immediate return on investment of 15% or greater.

The savings can be considered a tax free investment.   One of the less-heralded advantages of solar power is that it proves again and again to be a great investment.  Calculations will typically show a 6% return over the first year. But when projected utility rate hikes are applied to the equation, the 25-year forecasted pre-tax internal rate of return (IRR) in most cases averages 10-25%.

That’s far better than the stock, bond and money markets or long-term CDs. And far safer too, since no one expects utility rates to decrease.